What Makes You Happy?

If someone were to ask you that question.. (and I guess I did ask you!) could you answer?

I’m not talking about the easy answers.. like Ice cream, movies with my best friends or walking through the park.

I mean deep down.. in your heart, in your soul.. what makes you happy?

What is in your life that makes you feel whole, that lifts you, encourages you, shows you the real you and how amazing that is. What voice do you hear when you feel happy, loved and full of joy.

There may be people that can do this for you, that can make you feel this way.. but there is an very important piece to this. Something that we often over look.

Do you do it for yourself?

Do you have that inner cheerleader? Do you have the voice that gets you moving each day to tackle all the craziness that we find. Do you have the internal joy that no one can take away.

Not that we can’t be sad.. or upset.. or scared.

But, that inner joy that is resilient from that. That allows the emotions to come, and then says NO!  We can do this.. we will do this.

You are amazing, beautiful and so full of potential. Tapping into that inner you, the part of you that believes, that is full of happiness and hope.

There are many things in this world that can bring us happiness.. are you making sure that you are one of them?


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