Be a River…Be a Flame

We have a Facebook group that gives a platform for encouragement and support.

Each day it seems to be a theme that naturally occurs, and a majority of the postings fit that theme. Today, one of the members posted this picture and it summed up what I have been feeling for a while.

Look at your life, Look at the people who are in your life. Are you allowing yourself to be surrounded by those whose energy lifts you?  Are they filled with passion, with belief and with love? Do they have the attributes that you wish for your own life?

So often we forget that the energy of those around us, morphs our own view point. I remember a while ago I was vacationing in New York. I loved getting out and walking around downtown. Getting mixed in with all the people. My first day or so there, I walked, I looked and I was amazed at all that I saw. By the end of the trip, without even realizing it, I was walking like a local. Head down, no smile, no stopping to enjoy the surroundings. I even had the “leave me alone” energy and just was getting from point A to point B. I took in the energy of the location, and let is change the way I held myself and the way I let others see me.

When we allow those with constant negativity in our lives, it will begin to wear us down. Now, don’t get me wrong.. we all have those days. Those bad, awful, crazy days where we wished we just stayed in bed with a quart of ice cream. The difference is…do we stay there? Do we stay in the negative or do we find our way out? Do the people you allow in your life have the continual negativity that never seems to change? Do they complain without having (or asking) for real help?

Surround yourself with the people who you want to be life. Surround yourself with those who lift you up and whose energy fills you. Surround yourself with those who believe in you, your dreams and your goals. Surround yourself with those who give you strength when you need it, who show you love when you feel you don’t deserve it and who allow you do be that for them.

You are amazing, beautiful and a creature with so many amazing qualities. Never settle for less than that with those in your life. 13256550_10153694524913741_6377158174968975221_n

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