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Below is a wonderful post by a dear friend of mine. It resonated with me, so I wanted to share..thinking it would for others as well. Look at your life, your purpose and those that are in it. Where do they fall in your life?

Are they keepers? Do those in your life lift you and support your dreams? Is the path that you are on moving you forward to your vision of success?

Can you donate your journey to others? Do you have life lessons, tools or even tangible items that have been successful for you in the past but you have moved beyond? Helping others learn from our life lessons is a wonderful thing to do to pay it forward. It gives respect and acknowledgement to our past, while preparing to embrace our future. It honors our journey and the lessons learned on the way.

Do we need to trash and move on? Are there people or items in our life that are keeping us from our passions? That pull us down and drain us from our energy? Sometimes to be the healthiest we can be, we have to move on and leave things behind. It is ok to advocate for your needs and wants. For what makes you happy, healthy and able to follow your passions.

Thank you Topher for sharing your insights, and for helping us all look inward as we move forward!



I had a conversation with a friend this past weekend about using an old moving method with your life and goals. I told them to put everything in 3 categories. Keep, Donate and Trash.

Keep the things that are vital. The things that you will use every day. This can also pertain to people. Do these things/people make your life better? or Are they in the way?

Donate the things that are no longer useful to you but maybe useful to someone else. We all have things that fall into the “what if I need it again” category. How often do we really go back to it? How often do we call that long lost friend? Release it/them into the world to be useful again.

Trash the things that are no longer useful to yourself or others. Are you constantly moving them about to get to what you are really looking for? Are these people that toxic that they ruin your day? Put them in the dumpster. Delete their telephone number (or better yet put their number as blocked in your phone, or save it as TOXIC when it rings).

Now, while most everyone thinks about purging items with this method I like to use it for other things as well. Ideas, plans, and even people. It has come in useful and has helped not just me but those around me as well. Use it to stay focused and on track with your home, job, life and even company.

And remember Donate and Trash means to get rid of, not keep boxed up and in storage. Just because it is in a box marked donate or trash does not mean it has been donated or trashed.

In love,

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