Thursday Guest Blog – Amy Hill Wilson

amyI want to thank you for asking me to share today. I will say upfront that this is my first blog. These are just my feelings and my truth that I thank you for reading.

Labels are descriptive, not defining

I do not care for labels or the boxes they come on.  I feel most labels divide and force people into a box that was created by others to explain what they consider “not normal”. This is usually done out of jealousy, of seeing people being who they truly are, not who the world tells them to be. I have found that some people don’t have the strength to be themselves for fear of rejection and then decide to hate those that are fearlessly true to who they are. Can you tell who I am as a person, or my soul, if I said I am a straight, white, woman? Does this tell you anything about who I am or does it only describe what I am? When did what a person is and who they are become the same thing? We are so much more than a label can explain or a box can hold. I understand certain labels will always be, but a label can’t explain or define all the aspects of a soul. We were created different to enhance each other not conform to one another.

  I don’t care what you are. I want to know who you are as a whole, I want to know your soul, not just the box the world has put you in. I don’t look at anyone of my friends or the new people I meet and say oh he goes in the gay box, she is in the bi box, they are in the Christian box, they go in the pagan box…etc. When I look at a person I look for the beautifully unique PERSON that they are. I judge on WHO they are, what makes them special, how we can enhance each other, and what I can learn from them. What we can offer one another that no one else can offer. I have a very eclectic group of friends because I find diversity and differences to be a beautiful thing.  I grow as a person from meeting and opening myself to people that are different than I am. I learn so many things from the people I meet, even if we are not each others cup of tea.

I know that there is no 1 labeled box that I completely fit in and I am quite proud of that. I am ever evolving and growing as a person, my labels change as I grow. As awesome as I am as a person, how boring would my life be if everyone was just like me and we put ourselves in a tiny little box. I tried for too many years to fit into a neat little box. I did this until I believe I was truly insane. I will never be put in a box again. When people ask me which box I fit in, I tell them parts of me can fit into many boxes, but as a whole I am too complex for just one.

Judgement was never meant to be ours. Let’s stop judging differences and start learning from and loving them, at the least respecting them. Let’s stop hating a description and start looking deeper. Let’s stop doing what we are told and start doing what we feel. If everyone was their true self and fearless to say so, what a different, more loving world this could be. If everyone could look past the labels that are put on people, they may find some of the best friends they could ever meet. Each soul is unique and exquisite, deserving of love and respect.

Let your heart chose your friends, your tribe, because doing it any other way is cheating yourself. My friends are bigger and better than any label can explain because they make my heart sing, they make me a better person. To my friends, my TRIBE, I love you and thank you for allowing me a glimpse of your beautiful souls and thanks for loving the crazy, inappropriate, big hearted me. So if we are ever around one another please be you because I will be me with no apologies.

Each soul is unique and exquisite, deserving of love and respect.



  1. Shannon Waites (Post author)

    Thank you so much Amy for sharing your thoughts with us! I agree so much about letting your heart choose your tribe. Those that are true, loyal, loving and make this ride we call life the best it can be! <3

  2. jade

    Taking time to truly learn who a person is takes time and energy but it comes with great rewards. Like you, my friends tend to be very different from me. I like that because that means we have a lot to learn from each other all of the time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m sorry its taken me a while to comment, but I just got a chance to read your blog. <3

  3. John

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    1. admin

      Hi John,
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