About Me

meMy Passion is helping you find yours!

I have been an educator and event producer for the past 20 years. I am excited to share my experience and passions with you. I am married with 4 beautiful children. I have been on my own personal journey of self healing and discovery and have learned so much about myself and what motivates me over the years.

I am a certified life coach as well as a certified sex & intimacy coach. I have participated with the Gottman Theory and Energy Work. I have a certification for Psychological First Aide from John Hopkins University and from the Gottman Institute for treating affairs and trauma. I am a founding member of Sex Positive Academy . I am currently studying to receive my certification from the Kink Therapy Certification Institute. I have presented at national events,  seminars and classes.

These experiences and educational certifications allows me to be able to work with you in many areas of growth and goal setting. Some of the areas that we focus on are:

  • Life Coaching

  • Relationship Coaching

  • Sex & intimacy Coaching

  • Goal Setting

  • Sex positive education

  • Kink Awarness – It’s more than 50 shades…

Holistic Pathways offers personal coaching, group classes, seminars, events and referrals to other professionals as needed.

I look forward to being apart of your journey. Thank you for being apart of mine.

Shannon Waites C.P.C


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