What to Expect

At Holistic Pathways, we pride ourselves on creating plans based on your unique needs and goals. While there may be some overlap, together we create an unique and goal oriented plan to help you achieve the life you want to! Taking steps to go after long awaited goals, make healthy life changes or just the feeling of wanting something new, but not sure what it is, can be a scary and exciting time!  Let us be apart of your journey!

Initial Follow Up:

Please reach out to us to schedule your first session. We will have a brief discussion as to what you are looking  for in order for us to accept you as a client and then we will describe for you what coaching will look like for you, or we will provide you with direction about how to find a more appropriate provider.

Prior to the first session you will receive a new client packet. These will include forms for some basic personal information as well as some work sheets to help you start to focus on what you are looking for.

Our first session

Our initial session will be for 90 minutes. This will be an exploratory and informational  one. We will get to know each other as well as start the conversation of your journey.. This will be done with hands outs, that you will receive prior to our first meeting, as well as exercises to help focus in on your goals. We will provide you with information about our training and experience and give you the opportunity to ask questions. We will go over our scheduling and financial policies with you.


On going sessions:

After that we will meet, (either weekly or bi weekly), for 60 minutes a session, to work towards your personal and professional goals.  We will provide new ways of looking at situations, accountability to goals as well as various forms and outlets to help you achieve those goals. There are a Varity of different packages and options that are available to you, and you will receive this information in your new client packet. For the continuity and accountability of your path, we recommend no less than bi weekly sessions.


How It Ends:

Regardless if it is one goal or multiple goals, when you find yourself talking extensively about the positive progress and successful changes that are occurring in your life, your time with us will likely come to an end.. This conversation will be had during your session and together we will  review and celebrate your gains. At this point your regular sessions will no longer be needed. You can cut back to quarterly or semi-annual meetings to make sure that you maintain your hard-won gains for the long haul. We offer “spot checking” packages to help with this.



Are you ready to make the commitment to you? Are you ready to invest in yourself and your goals?  Are you ready to put yourself first, so that the other areas in your life will grow and become even stronger?

Contact us today to set up your initial follow up session

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